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coring machine
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Core drilling machine and coring machine is a new tool drilling on reinforced concrete, bricks and fire-resistant material. It is widely used on kinds of projects concerning Electrical Construction, Air-Conditioning Construction, Water & Gas Construction, Civil Engineering Construction, Building Construction, Sewer Construction and Terrene sampling....
hydraulic hand concrete saw
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Our hydraulic hand concrete saw is used for slab or flat cutting, such as concrete cutting, reinforced conrete cutting, brick cutting, asphalt cutting and metal materials cutting. If the saw with a cart, it permits the operator to stand or walk behind to have deeply cutting concrete while using the saw. Our saw with a powerful hydraulic engine, and even the saw blade stuck without damage....
Diamond wall saw
Number : diamond wall saw
Diamond wall saw powered by electricity on a fixed track and a suitable diamond blade, on which the saw head travels along either vertically or horizontally. Our Wall saw use International forerunner of hydraulic and digital remote control system, Performance and efficiency meet the reinforced concrete cutting with professional nondestructive, and 90% of the major parts procurement in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, the United States, Japan......
Handheld Concrete saw
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Our Hand held concrete saw and rock saw uses "PCVD" to maximize performance and durability. This latest scientific "State of the Art" technology creates a hard wear resistant, low friction film.  ...

Hand held Hydraulic crusher
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Hand held hydraulic crunching for walls, concrete slabs or masonry
Crunchers are hydraulic jaws, which span a wall, concrete slab or masonry, crushing and breaking as the jaws close.
Handheld hydraulic concrete crusher is a fast controlled exercise, which is relatively dust, vibration and noise free, they can be hand held
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