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portable asphalt heater machine

Portable asphalt heater machine(portalbe heater & portable asphalt pavement reheated machine) is used to heat and soften the asphalt pavement with pits, bubble, localized net-shaped cracking, alligator cracking, covering collapse grounds, heat-joint for treatment on road.

1. Using the "blue flame radiation conduction technology". Pwerful radiation penetration and high efficient thermal raidation; the heating temperature up to 170 degree and heating depth 5 to 10cm within 3 to 8 minutes.
2. System can automaticlally adjust the temperature. Even bad weather, it can work for a long time.
3. With the solar battery and the samrt charger.
4. Setting the precise ignition control system with electronic impulse and it is fast and safe.
5. Adopting the whole set components of US(CPG) flame ionization sensor technology. The flame is ignited automatically after eliminating by strong wind.
6. Circuit control system whith warning device.
7. the forward moving wheels are made of steel with deep groove ball bearing and the back-ward moving wheels are made of heat-resistant rubber wheels. The machine can be moved smoothly, conveniently, safely.

Please click here to view the video for portable asphalt heater.


 using the portable asphalt reheated machine in road maintenance
portable asphalt heater units in action

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