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hydraulic hand concrete saw

Our hand hydraulic saw is used for slab or flat cutting, such as such as concrete cutting, reinforced conrete cutting, brick cutting, asphalt cutting and metal materials cutting. If the saw with a cart, it permits the operator to stand or walk behind to have deeply cutting concrete while using the saw. Our saw with a powerful hydraulic engine, and even the saw blade stuck without damage.

1. built in flow control valve to prevent over speeding
2. with the rotation axis brake
3. calibrated manual depth adjustment
4. accommodate a water tank for cooling
5. counterclockwise the blade cutting rotating for dus suppression
6. replace with the wide blade for cleaning gap
7. replace with the abrasive blade for cutting metal materials

Cutting depth: 125mm      weight: 10kg       length: 530mm      width: 280mm
output flow: 26-34lpm       operating pressure: 105-140bar      diameter of blade: 355mm

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