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Hydraulic wire saw


Please click here  and here to view the video for diamond wire saw cutting machine.

Main Trait

o Particular storage system, extend wire use life.
o Combination agility, work convenient, high efficiency.
o Simple structure, easy move, easy install.
o Hydraulic power drive device and digital remote control.
Diamond wire saw can be used on incision project like exceed volume concrete, abnormity object,underwater work, straitness space work and so on.
Technical data
Wire Saws S107 S207 S307
Wire storage
Rail length 1000mm 2m 5.2m 5.2m
Rail length 2000mm 4m 11.2m 11.2m
Rail length 3000mm 6m 17.2m 17.2m
Diamond wire
Sintered φ11mm φ11mm φ11mm
Electroplated φ10mm φ10mm φ10mm
Drive rollers φ450mm 1pcs φ280mm 1pcs φ280mm 1pcs
Deflection rollers φ200mm φ200mm φ200mm
GR2 hydraulic motors · ·  
GR3 hydraulic motors ·   ·
Hydraulic 12ccm 50ccm 50ccm


   photo of hydraulic concrete saw in action


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