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Hydraulic core drill

Hydraulic core drill(coring machine) produces a smooth positionally-accurate hole through reinforced concrete, brickwork and stone, with no dust in operation, high efficiency, smooth coring, and accurate sizing. It can apply in the areas of construction installation, earthwork quality inspection, installation of water, electrical, heating, and gas supply systems, reinforcement of railway, bridge, and tunnels installation etc. and other installation jobs.

Designed and manufactured strictly per the industry standard, the hydraulic core drilling adopts both mechanical and electronic protection means. It is convenient to take, easy to move, economic, a long service life, safe and reliable etc.

We have several models, if you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

Please click here to view the video for the coring machine.

Hydraulic core drill Technical data Hydraulic power pack technical data
output power 11KW/15HP output power 11KW/15HP
Diameter 27-400mm Input power supply 400V/50HZ/22A
Speed of coring 0-700rmp oil flow 30-40L/min.
Depth of drill hole 0-1000mm operating pressure 130Bar
Blade drive hydraulic oil filling 40L
Input power supply 400V/22A motor weight 58kg
weight 18kg total weight 156kg
Dimensions 850mm*300mm*500mm dimensions 480mm*630mm*880mm

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