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Diamond wall saw

Diamond wall saw powered by electricity on a fixed track and a suitable diamond blade, on which the saw head travels along either vertically or horizontally. Our Wall saw use International forerunner of hydraulic and digital remote control system, Performance and efficiency meet the reinforced concrete cutting with professional nondestructive, and 90% of the major parts procurement in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, the United States, Japan and other countries. Magnesium aluminum alloy titanium cutting machine with a high dynamic weight rate. Our wall saw work by remote control free switch the cutting machine three-speed ,and best to adjust the cutting speed and torque, let the cutting more easily.
Diamond wall saw has plenty of advantages, such as strong power, rapidly and quietly, user friendly, versatile and safe, operation reliability, high performance and efficiency, long lasting etc.
Typical Applications:
1 Staircases, door or window openings up to 1000mm thick
2 drilling & cutting contruction project
3 Widening lift shaft doorways
4 Parapet wall reduction or removal
5 Platform overhang trimming
6 Openings to cast floor slabs
7 Cutting tunnels, bridges

Please click here and here to view the video for diamond wall saw.

Main technical data(more specs pls contact us):
specs of hydraulic wall saw and hydraulic concrete saw

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