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Project: economic and quickly splitting big rock & stone into small pieces in Sweden

There is a recycled factory in Danderyd Sweden, specialised in handle rock & stone from construction site of neighbouring district. Sometimes these rock & stone are too big, it's hard to handle for factory, the factory have to adopt blasting to handle it before, but there existing issues:
1. Due to comply strictly safety rule, blasting must be in special time.
2. Keeping staff, equiments and vehicles in safe area, the normal operation of factory have to intermit.
3. When blasting, the factory under danger.

Now using one electromotor power pack and splitter instead of blasting, splitting big rock int small pieces.

1. One worker can split 60 to 70 pieces big rock in 8 hours working time.
2. Splitter can operate in anytime
3. Compare with blasting, don't need any safety measures, no dangerous flying rock and shake.
4. Faotory can normally operate
5. Saving much cost and time

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