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Job: controlled demolition of dangerous crag side-slope in Vietnam

Vietnam small town samlong located in suburb of Hanoi, there are many dangerous crag side-slope and some of huge rock suspending on the air, a motorway through here and always drop stone from huge rock make the driver and car in the danger. Therefore, these huge rock leaving earth 25m have to be eliminated.

It's difficult to approach these crag side slope from top and underside, heavy plant can't operate. For the busy motorway near by dangerous crag side slope, blasting will be very dangerous. So our hydraulic rock splitter be used to complete this job.

Through taking strictly safety way, workers approach crag side slope and using handheld driller to drill hole, then using hydraulic rock splitter put into these hole through long hydraulic hose connected with power pack, worker split huge rock into small stones and throw them safely.

We split these supending huge rock safely without any shake, flying stone and droping stones, surrounding place under safe circumstance.

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