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Project: demolition of huge bridge pier in Japan

There is a scrap bridge pier need to be demolition in Japan, the size of this pier is L 15m*H 8m*W 2.2m, it contain diameter 32mm of reinforcing steel bar in interior of pier. Therefore, there is 260 cube reinforced concrete has to be demolition.

Due to this scrap bridge pier located in middle of river, the huge machine is difficult to approch pier, such as grab, heavy breaker, hydraulic pickax.... And there is busy motorway near by bridge pier, flying chipping and shake are prohibitive, so it's unfeasible by blasting. The contractor our choose hydraulic concrete splitter and diesel power pack to complete this job.

There is another reason the contractor choose our splitter, that is we can confirm the demolition of reinforced concrete in advance, so we conveniently use crane to suspend shiver out. Therefore, the easily handling of hydraulic splitter and controllable size of splitting of splitter, it's definitively effect in choice of construction project.

All drilling and splitting work by only four workers complete, they can demolition 20 cube reinforced concrete per day and finish all work within 15 days, it save much time and cost.

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