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Compared with the concrete wall Saw cutting and traditional
Drill Holes cutting in the main advantages analysis

wall saw cutting have high efficiency

As an example on HWS-007, the cutting depth is up to 530mm. In the city building, it can complete 90% of the cutting task. Its cutting rate is 20 times higher than traditional Drill Holes cutting, that means the cutting efficiency of a HWS-007 equivalent of more than 20 sets of core drilling. For example, the 300mm wall , ф108 drill bits drill a hole above the average time of 20 minutes (include the clasping time, more than 2.5 meters can be cut once clasping). One line meter require to drill 10 holes, so Drill Holes cutting should take more than three hours. Use HWS-007 cut 300mm shear wall, maximum speed of 6 meters above in 1 hour. HWS-007 will take about 10 minutes to cut one line meter. Therefore the wall sawing machine cuts the efficiency to be higher than the traditional drilling machine to cut the efficiency by far.

Cutting costs far less than traditional wall Saw Drill Holes

Cutting low-cost performance in three main areas. First, the low cost of labor, A bench drill needs a operator, and a cutter also only needs a operator. In with same quantity of the engineering, we can reduce the wages expenditure of 20 people. Has 20 bench drills machine company as the example, Using the walls HWS-007 saws the machine only to save labor costs RMB200,000 a year is normal things. Secondly, it is low-cost equipment maintenance. For example, to Beijing market, the cutting reinforcement company generally achieved 100 sets for are not many ,each month of maintenance cost RMB120,000 that means have bought the good quality drilling machine. Our series hydraulic wall sawing have one-year quality warranty, and one year of maintenance fees to nearly zero. This spending, reduce costs at least RMB200,000. Third, the cost of lumber. Example of the shear wall to 300mm, HWS-007 use Ф 740 saw blade can cut the wall 300mm.Generally the blade can cut 70 to 80 meters of shear wall. A conservative estimate by 50 meters,the price is about RMB1500 . If using 50 bit linear cutting 300 meters of shear wall(ф108 bits for example) , a bit must drill cores of 150 meters(Drill cores removed length of 150 meters, equivalent to 50 linear meters on the wall). Bit by the average life expectancy of 10 meters, the price of RMB160 each, Drill cores disposables cost of the actual RMB2400 (150meters divided 10meters and multiply RMB160), then Drill Holes cutting consume RMB900 per 50 meters than wall Saw cutting. saw blade can be also welded 3-5 times, and welding costs RMB1,000 each around. Actually use cutting machine for every 50 meters can reduce consumable costs around RMB1,000. Cutting one million meters a year , the company can reduce costs about RMB200,000. From the above, It is not difficult to see , Hydraulic concrete wall Saw cutting costs is far below than Drill Holes cutting.

The cutting wall surface smoothing

Wall saw cutting, smooth cutting surface is conducive to the completion of follow-up projects, such as sticks the steel, reinforce and sticks the carbon fiber etc. So no need to trim and smoothed. The wall saw cutting in this aspect both artistic, highly effective and low cost.

Our wall sawing excellent in quality and reasonable in price

Our hydraulic wall sawing is our company's own research and products, all intellectual property-based companies are unique. So there is no technical problem, and excellent in quality and reasonable in price.


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